Behind The Demon's Eyes / COKE BOTTLE GREEN LP

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Genre Heavy Metal
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Without the shadow of a doubt Mark “The Shark” Shelton is one of the most creative metal musicians of all time.
At the same time he is one of the most underrated visionaries of the genre.
He formed US Metal legends Manilla Road back in 1977.
The debut album “Invasion” was issued via their own record label Roadster in 1980.

Throughout the 1980s Manilla Road records were virtually ignored by the media.
Only a few knowing fans (and dedicated fanzines) who adored the band's unique style of epic metal kept the flame alive, paving the way for the band’s astonishing rise to fame in the new millennium.

Now Mark Shelton presents his second official solo project outside of Manilla Road (if you discount “Circus Maximus”, which was planned as a solo project but due to record company pressure was released under the Manilla Road moniker). Hellwell’s »Behind The Demon’s Eyes« follows 2012’s debut »Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin«.