Chameleon / Expanted Edition 2-CD

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Release: 17.03.2009
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VÖ Datum 17.03.2009
Genre Power Metal


Probably one of the most controversial Helloween albums. Originalally released in 1993


CD 1:
1.1 First time
1.2 When the sinner
1.3 I don't wanna cry no more
1.4 Crazy cat
1.5 Giants
1.6 Windmill
1.7 Revolution now
1.8 In the night
1.9 Music
1.10 Step out of hell
1.11 I believe
1.12 Longing

CD 2:
2.1 I Don't Care You Don't Care (Taken From Single 'when The Summer')
2.2 Oriental Journey (Taken From Japan Only Single 'when The Summer')
2.3 Cut in the middle (Taken From Single 'Windmill')
2.4 Introduction (Taken From Single 'Windmill')
2.5 Get Me Out Of Here (Taken From Single 'windmill')
2.6 Red Socks And The Smell Of Trees (Taken From Single 'I Don't Wanna Cry No More')
2.7 Ain't got nothin' better (Taken From Single 'I don't wanna cry no more')
2.8 Windmill (Previously Unreleased Demo Version)