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Release: 02.08.2013
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VÖ Datum 02.08.2013
Genre Deathcore
Verpackung Digipak


Limited digipak incl. 2 bonus tracks!

As the battle for British metal’s spirit and future rages on, few astute observers would bet against THE DEFILED emerging triumphant. The London-based quintet have had a phenomenal impact on these shores and beyond over the last few years, with a strident, genre-blitzing sound that both delivers the crushing, riff-driven goods and shrewdly redefines what it means to bring the 21st- century mosh. Formed in 2005, THE DEFILED exploded onto an unsuspecting metal scene in 2008 with their debut EP »1888« before devoting themselves to establishing a reputation as one of the most exhilarating live bands in living memory. When the band’s brutally irresistible debut album »Grave Times« dropped in 2011, the response was universally ecstatic, with major rock and metal press queuing up to proclaim THE DEFILED as the saviors of modern British heaviness. “We just make music that makes us feel something”, states founder member and keyboard maestro The AvD. “I always think ‘Do I love this?’ whenever I'm working on something. If the answer is ‘no’, it's not good enough! I believe music should make the listener feel something, be it rage, sadness or happiness. As long as it stirs some kind of emotion inside me I know there will be other people out there who will feel exactly the same way.”


1 - Sleeper 4:00

2 - Unspoken 4:04

3 - Saints And Sinners 3:48

4 - As I Drown 4:41

5 - Porcelain 3:22

6 - New Approach 3:08

7 - Fragments Of Hope 4:29

8 - The Infected 4:00

9 - The Mourning After 4:14

10 - Five Minutes 4:37

11 - No Place Like Home 4:43

12 - I Destroy What Destroys Me 4:16

13 - Self Under Siege 3:24