Barathrum V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - Digipak CD

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Barathrum V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - Digipak CD

Art: CD
Art. Nr.: 62937
Release: 26.06.2013

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Genre: Black Metal

Edition: Re-Release, Re-Issue

Verpackung: Jewelcase


Debütalbum von 1993 der US Okkult Black Metal Band ABSU.


1. An Involution of Thorns
2. Descent to Acheron (Evolving into the Progression of Woe)
3. An Equinox of Fathomless Disheartenment
4. The Thrice Is Greatest to Ninnigal
5. Infinite and Profane Thrones
6. Fantasizing to the Third of the Pagan Vision (Quoth the Sky, Nevermore) Act II
7. An Evolution of Horns
8. The Coming Of War (Live Bonus Track)
9. The Thrice Is Greatest To Ninnigal (Live Bonus Track)
10. New Blow Out The Eastern Candle (Live Bonus Track)