Big Ones CD

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Release: 31.10.1994
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VÖ Datum 31.10.1994
Genre Rock


Big Ones features twelve hits from the band's three consecutive multi-platinum albums, Permanent Vacation (1987), Pump (1989), and Get a Grip (1993), as well as the hit "Deuces are Wild" from The Beavis and Butt-Head Experience (1993), and two new songs, "Blind Man" and "Walk on Water", which were recorded during a break in the band's Get a Grip Tour.


01. Walk on Water"
02. Love in an Elevator
03. Rag Doll
04. What It Takes
05. Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
06. Janie's Got a Gun"
07. Cryin
08. Amazing
09. Blind Man
10. Deuces Are Wild
11. The Other Side
12. Crazy
13. Eat the Rich
14. Angel
15. Livin' on the Edge