Conquest Of Kingdoms - SCHWARZES 3-Vinyl

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Conquest Of Kingdoms - SCHWARZES 3-Vinyl

Art: 3-LP
Art. Nr.: 62354
Release: 26.06.2020

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Genre: Stoner Metal

Farbe: tba

Edition: Limited Edition

Verpackung: tba


Dreifach Vinyl Kompilation mit Live Tracks, Cover Songs, und vielen mehr.

Die Stoner Legende THE SWORD ist zurück !!


LP 1:
1. The Horned Goddess (live)
2. Barael's Blade (live)
3. Lament for the Aurochs (live)
4. Iron Swan (live)
5. The Sundering (live)
6. Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians (live)
7. The Black River (live)
8. The White Sea (live)

LP 2:
1. Sea of Spears (live)
2. Freya (live)
3. Night City (live)
4. The Chronomancer II: Nemesis (live)
5. He's Waiting (C Average Version)
6. Sea of Spears
7. Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)
8. Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings (ZZ Top cover)
9. Codex Corvidae
10. Freya '08

LP 3:
1. Forever My Queen (Pentagram cover)
2. She (KISS cover)
3. Daughter of Dawn
4. Farstar
5. Cold Sweat
6. Cheap Sunglasses (ZZ Top cover)
7. Hammer of Heaven
8. Hexenringe
9. Seriously Mysterious (Level One Remix)
10. John the Revelator
11. Turnt to Dust
12. Serpent Weather