Die For Rock N' Roll / 2-CD Boxset

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Release: 17.03.2017
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VÖ Datum 17.03.2017
Genre Punkrock
Edition Limited Edition
Verpackung Boxset


Released as a limited metal box edition. Inclusive the digipak CD, 2 wristbands, signed autograph card, guitar picks and a live CD.

'Die For Rock 'n' Roll' is the title of the follow-up album to Double Crush Syndrome's celebrated debut 'The You Filter'. Now, with new bandmates Slick Prolidol (formerly of The Traceelords) on the bass and newbie Julian Fischer on drums, the band are finally beginning to produce new work. Andy Brings of Sodom himself produced the album, which serves up unembellished and rude sounds that are simultaneously fresh and punk-heavy as they jump out of the speakers.


1. Gimme Everything
2. Die for Rock N' Roll
3. Unfriend Me Now
4. She's a Pistol
5. On Top of Mount Whateverest
6. Yeah! Pain!
7. I Wanna Be Your Monkey
8. Slow Suicide
9. Can't You Be Like Everyone Else
10. Blood on My Shirt
11. Revolution
12. And They Say We Are the Freaks
13. Fuck You Is My Answer
14. Right Now

Live CD:
1. She's A Pistol (live)
2. Yeah! Pain! (live)
3. Unfriend Me Now (live)
4. On Top Of Mount Whateverest (live)
5. And They Say We Are The Freaks (live)
6. Jesus Of Noizeareth (live)
7. Blood On My Shirt (live)
8. Can't You Be Like Everyone Else (live)
9. Fuck You Is My Answer (live)
10. Die For Rock N' Roll (live)