The Divine Conspiracy - CD

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The Divine Conspiracy - CD

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Release: 07.09.2007

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Genre: Symphonic Metal


The Divine Conspiracy is the third full-length studio album by Dutch symphonic metal band Epica as well as their first concept album. The concept that guides the songs is that God created many different religions for humanity to figure out and overcome them so as to discover that, in nature and essence, they were all in fact the same one (hence the name, "The Divine Conspiracy").


01. Indigo
02. The obsessive devotion
03. Menace of vanity
04. Chasing the dragon
05. Never enough
06. La 'petach chatat rovetz (The last embrace)
07. Death Of A Dream [the Embrance That Smothers - Part 7]
08. Fools Of Damnation [the Embrace That Smothers - Part 9]
09. Living a lie [The embrace that smothers - part 9]
10. Beyond belief
11. Safeguard to paradise
12. Sancta terra
13. The divine conspiracy