Evinta / 2-CD

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Evinta / 2-CD

Art: CD
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Release: 24.05.2011

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Genre: Doom Metal


To commemorate two decades of doom and gloom from My Dying Bride, the band embarked upon a special project to re-work familiar melodies and themes from their extensive catalogue into long, flowing symphonic compositions, incorporating new vocals and passages from Aaron Stainthorpe. Sharing vocals is professional opera singer Lucie Roche, a talented soprano from France.

These arrangements have been brought to life in co-operation with keyboard maestro Johnny Maudling (of Bal-Sagoth fame) as well as a clutch of talented classical musicians and will be released on May 30th as 'Evinta'.


CD 1:
1. In Your Dark Pavilion
2. You Are Not the One Who Loves Me
3. Of Lilies Bent with Tears
4. The Distance, Busy with Shadows
5. Of Sorry Eyes in March

CD 2:
1. Vanité Triomphante
2. That Dress and Summer Skin
3. And Then You Go
4. A Hand of Awful Rewards