Blood In, Blood Out - CD

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Blood In, Blood Out - CD

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Release: 10.10.2014

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Genre: Thrash Metal


'Blood In Blood Out', Exodus' 10th studio release, continues their fruitful partnership with producer Andy Sneap. The vicious, razor-sharp riffing of guitarist Gary Holt is married once again with the spitting, angry vocals of Zetro.Another previous band member - a certain Kirk Hammett - also contributes a searing solo.Older fans will know that few bands can deliver 11 tracks with the same unbridled intensity as Exodus, while newer fans will be open-jawed at their relentless energy.


01. Black
02. Blood In Blood Out
03. Collateral Damage
04. Salt The Wound
05. Body Harvest
06. BTK
07. Wrapped In The Arms Of Rage
08. My Last Nerve
09. Numb
10. Honor Killings
11. Food For The Worms