Gods And Generals

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Gods And Generals

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Release: 08.05.2015

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Genre: Heavy Metal


Swedish Heavy Metal full of epic & breathtaking anthems!

The finest Swedish Heavy Metal  - that’s what CIVIL WAR stands for! This breathtaking six-piece features former members of Sabaton and Astral Doors. Their upcoming album Gods And Generals is the band’s latest masterpiece following their successful debut Killer Angels in 2013.  The album was recorded and mixed by none other than Peter Tägtgren (Abyss Studios).  Gods And Generals features galloping heavy metal riffs that melt into epically sweeping melody lines, which serve as an opus magnum filled to the brim with anthems.  Get ready for the pure dose of Swedisch Heavy Metal  &  CIVIL WAR in 2015!


1. War Of The World
2. Bay Of Pigs
3. Braveheart
4. The Mad Piper
5. USS Monitor
6. Tears From The North
7. Admiral Over The Oceans
8. Back To Iwo Jima
9. Schindler's Ark
10. Gods And Generals