Rebels With A Cause - A5 Digipack DVD + CD

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Rebels With A Cause - A5 Digipack DVD + CD

Art: DVD + CD
Art. Nr.: 28244
Release: 27.06.2008

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Genre: Heavy Metal

Verpackung: Amaray


See Hammerfall Backstage at: Video recordings, live shows, TV appearances & rehearsals. Including six video clips, several TV clips, behind the scenes material & short movies of the band. 3 hours running time! Limited edition DVD + "Masterpieces" CD with every cover song Hammerfall recorded so far.


Tracklist: Dokumentation: Unruly, Unrestrained, Uninhibited Running Time: 90 Minutes

TV Clips:
01. Blood Bound (Trackslistan)
02. Blood Bound (Lanz i P3)
03. När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn (Alla Tiders Melodifestival)
04. The Fire Burns Forever (European Athletics Championships 2006)
05. Rundgang (SVT)

Live Clips:
06. Templars Of Steel
07. Unchained
08. The Templar Flame
09. Knights Of The 21st Century (Filharmonie, Filderstadt, Germany, April 22nd 2005)

Secrets (collage Scandinavium, Göteborg, Sweden, April 30th 2005)

Promo Clips:
01. Hearts On Fire
02. Blood Bound
03. Hearts On Fire (Olympic version)
04. The Fire Burns Forever
05. Natural High
06. Last Man Standing

Behind The Scenes:
-Hearts On Fire
-Natural High

Short movies:
-Car Trouble/Macho Madness/Parking Trouble
-Pool The Plug/Somersault/Macho Madness
-Clumsies/Joacim Saves/Gooooooooooal
-Skorpionen/Drumsolo 1 & 2/Santiago 2007