Heading For The Top / CD

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Release: 28.07.2006
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VÖ Datum 28.07.2006
Genre Heavy Metal


At the end of 2001 Hampus and Hell Hofer started to look for members to start the hardest Heavy metal band on earth. They found the young guys Erik and Gustav and started to rehearse and write songs. The last one to join the band was the old man Lenny Blade, his life experience brought that extra heavy sound to the band. In the beginning of 2003 they recorded the mcd “Speeding in the night” released by a small polish label. After several live gigs mostly in Sweden but also at the Heavy metal maniacs festival in Holland the band started to get fans all around the world and even their own fan club. After several label problems manager Martin Axén took the band under his wings. Black lodge records got interested in the band and a record deal was signed in late 2004. In 2005 Bullet recorded the “Heading for the top” album in Euphony studios. Get ready to bang your head!!!



1 - Midnight riders (Riding free) 4:03

2 - Turn it up loud 3:43

3 - Heading for the top 3:00

4 - Rambling man 2:32

5 - Hard luck lady 3:58

6 - Speeding in the night 3:33

7 - One deal with the devil 4:53

8 - Rock steady 3:47

9 - Leather love 3:56

10 - Raise hell 2:36

11 - Bang your head 5:12