Hybris / Digipak CD+DVD + The Arsonist / Digipak - 2-CD Bundle

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Hybris / Digipak CD+DVD + The Arsonist / Digipak - 2-CD Bundle

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Release: 08.07.2016

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11,99 €

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Genre: Groove Metal


Special 2-Digipak Bundle for a special price, containing the new DEAD album "Hybris" & the album "The Arsonist" from 2013

Digipak CD inkl. 2 Bonus Tracks + DVD “The Longest Road”

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes! A gripping & blunt rollercoaster ride that sees light in the blackest night!

Deadlock have always been about extremes – and always will be! Fans love these Germans for every emotional force run through the raging depths of death metal, technical prowess, borderline pop-laden melodies, nods to classic metal, and casual flirtation with trance and beats. As expected, Hybris turns out to be a multi-faceted monster in terms of both shape and content – and at the same time painfully digs through the last events in the Deadlock camp. Despite the tragic death of founder and drummer Tobias Graf (immortalized with a minute of silence on the album) and the departure of singer Sabine Scherer (now replaced by Margie Gerlitz), the megalomaniac creative urge could not be suppressed: 2016 sees Deadlock rising from the ashes, scarred, but heads held high. Hybris finds its inseparable counterpart in a 90 min DVD documentary 'The Longest Road' that translates the album concept to visuals. A gripping and blunt rollercoaster ride that sees light in the blackest night – and that is something only Deadlock can achieve!



01. Epitaph
02. Carbonman
03. Berserk
04. Blood Ghost
05. Hybris
06. Wrath / Salvation
07. Backstory Wound
08. Ein Deutsches Requiem
09. Vergebung (Acoustic Instrumental)
10. Welcome Deathrow
11. Uncivil Hands (Morning Again-Cover)
12. Fight Song (Marilyn Manson-Cover)

01. Intro
02. Winter – Restart
03. Spring – Songwriting
04. Summer – Demo
05. Fall – Pre-Production
06. Winter – Recordings
07. Spring – "Hybris"
08. Credits

CD (The Aronist):
1. The Great Pretender
2. I'm Gone
3. Dead City Sleepers
4. The Arsonist
5. Darkness Divine
6. As We Come Undone
7. Hurt
8. The Final Storm
9. Small Town Boy (Bronski Beat-Cover)
10. My Pain
11. Dead City Sleepers (Erode-Remix)(Bonus Track)
12. As We Come Undone (Philip Abbas-Remix) (Bonus Track)