Killer Elite / 2-CD

Killer Elite / 2-CD

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Release: 29.04.2016

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Genre: Power Metal


Best of album by the Power Metal band Dragonforce.

Sam Totman: The aim of this release is to give a strong flavour of everything we’ve recorded so far, and I like to think it shows a lot of diversity. Certainly, we tried to make it as broad-based as possible. Since Marc joined the band (replacing original frontman ZP Theart), we’ve actually released some of our speediest songs and some our most melodic compositions, too. DRAGONFORCE isn’t just about the relentless tempos and the flashy solos; ultimately, it’s the feel of the music that counts...”



Disc 1

1. Through The Fire And Flames

2. Holding On

3. Heroes Of Our Time

4. Cry Thunder

5. Black Fire (Remastered 2009)

6. Dawn Over A New World

7. Fields Of Despair (Live In The UK / 2009)

8. The Game

9. Operation Ground And Pound

10. Seasons

11. Reasons To Live

12. Soldiers Of The Wastelands

Disc 2

1. Valley Of The Damned (Remastered 2009)

2. Fury Of The Storm

3. Revolution Deathsquad

4. Wings Of Liberty

5. My Spirit Will Go On

6. Three Hammers (Live At Saitama Super Arena, Japan / 2014)

7. Symphony Of The Night

8. The Last Journey Home

9. Starfire (Live In The UK / 2009)

10. Heart Of A Dragon (Remastered 2009)