La Grande Danse Macabre / Re-Issue

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Release: 20.06.2014
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VÖ Datum 20.06.2014
Genre Black Metal


La Grande Danse Macabre is the seventh studio album by Swedish black metal band Marduk.

MARDUK and Century Media joined forces for a reissue of the stunning “La Grande Danse Macabre” album (2001), which presents a more varied and darker approach compared to the Swedish black metal titans’ usual blastbeat-driven full on assault. Created in close cooperation with the band, this re-release features remastered sound (done by bassist Devo Andersson), detailed liner notes, unpublished photos, revamped artwork by Death Wolf vocalist Maelstrom and bonus material on the CD version: a cover version of “Samhain” (originally by pre-DANZIG punk outfit SAMHAIN) and all three tracks from the “Obedience” EP (2000). Expect nothing but perfect extreme black metal pleasure!



1. "Ars Moriendi" 1:51

2. "Azrael" 3:06

3. "Pompa Funebris 1600" 2:36

4. "Obedience unto Death" 3:16

5. "Bonds of Unholy Matrimony" 7:03

6. "La Grande Danse Macabre" 8:11

7. "Death Sex Ejaculation" 5:11

8. "Funeral Bitch" 4:58

9. "Summers End" 4:41

10. "Jesus Christ... Sodomized" 4:33

11. "Samhain" 1:29