Ravenous Plague LTD - Mediabook + DVD

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Ravenous Plague LTD - Mediabook + DVD

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Release: 03.01.2014

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Napalm Eagles Mit dem Produkt bekommst du 43 Napalm Eagles.


Genre: Thrash Metal

Verpackung: Mediabook


Ltd First Ed Deluxe 24 Page Mediabook incl. Bonus DVD . HEAVY AS HELL

LEGION OF THE DAMNED has always been a reliable source of first-class Thrash Metal and the latest album "Ravenous Plague" continues this tradition in a remarkable way. Songs like 'Summon all Hate', 'Armalite Assassin' and 'Ravenous Abomination' show the crew from its best and most aggressive side. Melodic leads, murderous riffs, furious grooves and rock-hard drums are crowned by the merciless vocals of frontman Maurice Swinkels and create an intensive listening experience. The production was overseen by sound wizard Andy Classen himself. "Ravenous Plague" is a brutal and uncompromising riff bombardment that will set a new standard for the genre!


01. The Apocalyptic Surge
02. Howling for Armageddon
03. Black Baron
04. Mountain Wolves Under a Crescent Moon
05. Ravenous Abominations
06. Doom Priest
07. Summon all Hate
08. Morbid Death
09. Bury Me in a Nameless Grave
10. Armalite Assassin
11. Strike of the Apocalypse

LTD Digibook incl. Bonus DVD:
01. Making of "Doom priest" video
02. Making of "Ravenous Plague" album
03. Indepth interview with lyricwriter Tony "Skullcrusher" Manero
04. South American tour report
05. Mountain Wolves Under A Crescent Moon videoclip

Bonus DVD Specifications:
16:9, PAL, English, no subtitles