Litourgiya CD

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Release: 17.06.2016
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VÖ Datum 17.06.2016
Genre Black Metal
Verpackung Jewelcase
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Batushka are a Polish band whose members have not been disclosed, but they are reputed to be from well-known bands. Their debut album Litourgiya was released on December 5 by the Polish label Witching Hour Productions. It makes an astonishing impact from the very first song, and all the way to the end.

The music is dark, heaving, and very heavy — with bombastic outbreaks of wildfire and thunder — and the bleak, majestic melodies are effective at getting under the skin. But what sets the music apart and makes the album especially memorable are the vocals. In addition to the incinerating shrieks that you might expect in a black metal album, you’ll hear reverberating liturgical chants in what I’m told is Church Slavonic — the language used in the Orthodox Church in such places as Poland, Russia, and Ukraine, as well as nations in the Balkan Peninsula.



1 Yekteniya I 5:46

2 Yekteniya II 4:23

3 Yekteniya III 4:52

4 Yekteniya IV 5:20

5 Yekteniya V 6:00

6 Yekteniya VI 4:13

7 Yekteniya VII 5:35

8 Yekteniya VIII 5:10