Live Undead / BLACK Vinyl

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Release: 15.01.2016
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VÖ Datum 15.01.2016
Genre Thrash Metal
Farbe Schwarz
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Live Undead": 180g Black, Violet (ltd. 500)

Metal Blade is well prepared for the new year and so should you since it will start off with a bang. On January, 15th we will re-issue the four classical SLAYER titles on vinyl. "Show No Mercy", "Live Undead", "Haunting The Chapel" and probably the most evil album of all time, "Hell Awaits"!

All albums will be released as part of the new "Metal Blade Originals" series in which classical Metal Blade albums will be re-issued on vinyl with the original layout and extras if available. All albums in the "Metal Blade Originals" edition will feature a branded sticker to make clear it's the ultimate and best edition of the title.

All four SLAYER vinyls will be featuring 400g heavy cardboard spine sleeves, inside out prints and a large, 60x60cm artwork poster. On top of it "Hell Awaits", "Show No Mercy" and "Live Undead" will be released with a 250g insert!


SLAYER - Live Undead / BLACK Vinyl