Dödsfärd - Re-Mastered

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Dödsfärd - Re-Mastered

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Release: 03.07.2015

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Genre: Viking Metal

Månegarms classic album Dödsfärd is now finally back in the stores including two bonus tracks. This album; the band’s third, is packed with pagan battle songs and has by many been seen as a milestone in the Viking metal genre. It’s now nicely re-mastered and comes with exclusive liner notes from the band

01. Intro
02. I Evig Tid
03. Ravenous
04. Ägirs Vrede
05. Dödsfärd
06. Fimbultrollet
07. Daudr
08. Vrede
09. Pagan War
10. Ursjälens Visdom
11. Gillesvisan
12. Nyarlathotep
13. Chapter III - The Harbor