Moksha / RED 2-LP Gatefold

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Moksha / RED 2-LP Gatefold

Art: LP
Art. Nr.: 51110
Release: 27.07.2018

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Napalm Eagles Mit dem Produkt bekommst du 84 Napalm Eagles.


Genre: Rock

Farbe: Rot

Edition: Limited Edition

Verpackung: Gatefold Cover


Strictly Limited Edition to 100 Gatefold 180g RED Vinyls with Silkscreen on Side D. Fifth Album from the German Instrumental Psychedelic Ambient Rock Masters

Be it one of their live shows, be it one of their albums: Germans My Sleeping Karma never fail to create an unique and hypnotic score of epic proportions that is bound to send the listener on deep mental journeys. On their fifth album Moksha, the instrumental groove rockers show us their most varied side: blusterous waves of riffs embrace fragile melody lines, Eastern mysticism has its place and ghostly sound shivers lead eternal rhythms to new horizons. Yes, this word is abused way too often these days – but My Sleeping Karma are pure magic.


1.  Prithvi
2.  Interlude 1
3.  Vayu
4.  Interlude 2
5.  Akasha
6.  Interlude 3
7.  Moksha
8.  Interlude 4
9.  Jalam
10. Interlude 5
11. Agni)