Motherless / BLACK LP

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Release: 07.04.2017
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VÖ Datum 07.04.2017
Genre Heavy Metal
Farbe Schwarz
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New Album by swedish Heavy Metal Band "Trial". 

Due some legal problems, the Band had to add the suffix (SWE) to their name.
This is the follow-up to "Vessel", which was already very welcomed by fans and press.

'Motherless' is one of the most original Heavy Metal albums in a long time.

TRIAL (swe) have refined their sound and are one of the most non-conform acts you can find in today's Heavy Metal Scene.
With plans to re-invent themselves once again, 'Motherless' promises to be another step forward in their career.



1. Motherless
2. In Empyrean Labour
3. Cold Comes The Night
4. Juxtaposed
5. Aligerous Architect
6. Birth
7. Embodiment
8. Rebirth