Secret Alphabets CD

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Release: 22.09.2003
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VÖ Datum 22.09.2003
Genre Stoner Rock


Rockbands are a dime a dozen now-a-days. One can almost picture how most bands start out, with some pimply face teen pouring over THE STOOGES' "Funhouse" or BLACK SABBATH's "Masters Of Reality" learning every song note for note.Flash forward to college where said teen meets others who have learned the same notes to the same songs and voila you have a band.A band without the soul behind the songs but a band none-the-less. Thank god that's not how GREENLEAF came about.If you ask guitarist Tommi Holappa (DOZER), GREENLEAF came about the same way the bands they loved came about.A simple mixture of good friends, drinking beer, discusing the music that mattered to them and generally having a good old fashioned rock and roll time.The details are a bit fuzzy, mostly due to the enormous amount of alcohol being consumed, but sometime in late 1999/early 2000 Guitarist Tommi Holappa of DOZER-fame & Daniel Liden of DEMON CLEANER decided to jam together and see what would happen.Rockhouse Studio engineer Bengt Bäcke was enlisted to fill in on a bass since both DOZER & DEMON CLEANER had done every recording to date (with the exception of DOZER's "Call It Conspiracy" album) with him, and thus he was no stranger and would easily fit into the band.With the core of the band set the only missing piece was a vocalist and in GREENLEAF's "never-settle-for-less-than-the-best-attitude" Holappa's DOZER bandmate Fredrik Nordin was asked to join, and so he did.A 4 song EP was quickly recorded in 2000, followed by 2001's full length "Revolution Rock", and a slew of European tour dates.The new album "Secret Alphabets" is harder and tighter, with amazing performances by the band as well as guest vocalist Singe and LOWRIDER's Peder Bergstrand.