Tangled In A Dream / 2-CD Re-Release

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Release: 27.01.2017
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VÖ Datum 27.01.2017
Genre Heavy Metal
Edition Re-Release
Verpackung Jewelcase


The melodic progressive metal gem from 2000 - finally available again! SPECIAL EDITION 2-CD Set incl. 10-track bonus CD (5 studio tracks + 5 Live acoustic)

”Tangled In Dream”, the sophomore studio album by Australian melodic progressive metal band VANISHING POINT, is one of the scene’s lost gems – until now! The 2000 released piece of work, which displayed a quite unique mixture of song-oriented, melodic progressive metal with a touch AOR-like melodies, will be re-issued now again after being out of print since many years. This re-issue comes with a special 10-track bonus disc which includes a stunning remake of the song “Samsara”, two cover versions, two former bonus tracks from Japanese pressings and five “Live & Unplugged” acoustic songs from a radio session in 2003. Eight of the ten tracks appear on a CD release for the first time ever here.



01. Surreal
02. Samsara
03. Closer Apart
04. Bring On The Rain
05. Never Walk Away
06. The Real You
07. Two Minds And One Soul
08. I Will Awake
09. Dancing With The Devil
10. Father (7 Years)
11. Tangled In Dreams

Bonus CD:
01. Samsara II
(newly recorded 2016 version)
02. Separate Ways
(Journey cover; first time ever on CD)
03. On The Turning Away
(Pink Floyd cover)
04. The Endless Road
(Japan bonus “Distant Is The Sun”)
05. Veil Of Deceit
(Japan bonus “The Fourth Season”)

Live and Unplugged on PBS FM (2003):
06. The Real You
07. Dancing With The Devil
08. Inner Peace
09. Hollow
10. Vanishing Point