Om Generator / BLACK LP + CD

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Om Generator / BLACK LP + CD

Art. Nr.: 29539
Release: 26.08.2016

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Genre: Stoner Metal

Farbe: Schwarz

Verpackung: tba

True talent can be found anywhere: black metal in China, NWOBHM worship in Peru, crushing death in Indonesia, yet brilliant psychedelic doom rock which easily can compete with today's high international standards from Thuringia, a state in the eastern part of Germany, is still quite a surprising discovery though the region is renowned for its diverse music scene. Century Media Records proudly present you the young quintet, MOTOROWL, formed in 2014 when most of its band members were not even twenty years old! MOTOROWL quickly developed a heavy sound blessed with fabulous riffs, great vocal melodies, and a grinding Hammond organ on top. Think Spiritual Beggars or Uriah Heep on a bad acid trip. Think 70's inspired, damn heavy hard rock with a contemporary, gloomy twist. The album was co-produced by Fabian Hildebrandt (of German deathers Deserted Fear) and the mighty Dan Swanö took over mix and mastering duties. Believe Dan, when he praises MOTOROWL as an "amazing mixture of stoner and 70's hard rock executed with finesse. I had an amazing time mixing their songs, that always seem to take a turn towards the unexpected." Make such to check out such magnificent rockers as “The Highest City Part 1” or the title track, the driving yet melancholic grandeur of “Old Man's Maze” or the doomy roar of the 8 minutes long closing track “Spiritual Healing”. So, here's to you, MOTOROWL: take on the world!
MOTOROWL - Om Generator / BLACK LP + CD