Original Album Series / 5-CD Box

Original Album Series / 5-CD Box

Art: CD
Art. Nr.: 33612
Release: 26.02.2010

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Genre: Rock

Verpackung: Boxset

The Nickelback set in the successful ‘Original Album Series’ includes the following albums (in separate paper sleeves inside the slipcase):Silver Side UpThe Long RoadAll The Right ReasonsDark HorseHere And Now

Silver Side Up
1. Never again
2. How you remind me
3. Woke up this morning
4. Too bad
5. Just for
6. Hollywood
7. Money bought
8. Where do I hide
9. Hangnail
10. Good times gone

The Long Road
1. Flat On The Floor
2. Do This Anymore
3. Someday
4. Believe It Or Not
5. Feelin' Way Too Damn Good
6. Because Of You
7. Figured You Out
8. Should've Listened
9. Throw Yourself Away
10. Another Hole In The Head
11. See You At The Show

All The Right Reasons
1. Follow You Home
2. Fight For All The Wrong Reasons
3. Photograph (Album Version)
4. Animals
5. Savin' Me
6. Far Away (Album Version)
7. Next Contestant
8. Side Of A Bullet
9. If Everyone Cared (Album Version)
10. Someone That You're With
11. Rockstar (Album Version)

Dark Horse
1. Something In Your Mouth
2. Burn It To The Ground
3. Gotta Be Somebody
4. I'd Come For You
5. Next Go Round
6. Just To Get High
7. Never Gonna Be Alone
8. Shakin' Hands
9. S.E.X.
10. If Today Was Your Last Day
11. This Afternoon

Here And Now
1. This means war
2. Bottoms up
3. When we stand together
4. Midnight Queen
5. Gotta get me some
6. Lullaby
7. Kiss it goodbye
8. Trying not to love you
9. Holding on to heaven
10. Everything I wanna do
11. Don't ever let it end