Original Album Series Vol.2 / 5-CD Box

Original Album Series Vol.2 / 5-CD Box

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Release: 26.02.2010

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Genre: Blues

Verpackung: Boxset

UK five CD box set. The Original Album Series contains a quintet of albums packaged in mini-LP sleeves and housed in a slip case. This set includes the following albums by the British folk/prog legends: Under Wraps, Crest Of A Knave, Rock Island, Catfish Rising and Roots To Branches.

Under wraps
1. Lap of luxury
2. Under wraps #1
3. European legacy
4. Later, that same evening
5. Saboteur
6. Radio free Moscow
7. Nobody's car
8. Heat
9. Under wraps #2
10. Paparazzi
11. Apogee

Crest of a knave
1. Steel Monkey
2. Farm on the freeway
3. Jump start
4. Said she was a dancer
5. Budapest
6. Mountain men
7. Raising steam

Rock island
1. Kissing Willie
2. The rattlesnake trail
3. Ears of tin
4. Undressed to kill
5. Rock island
6. Heavy Water
7. Another Christmas Song
8. The whaler's dues
9. Big riff and mando
10. Strange avenues

Catfish rising
1. This Is not love
2. Occasional sdemons
3. Roll yer own
4. Rocks on the road
5. Sparrow on the schoolyard wall
6. Thinking round corners
7. Still loving you tonight
8. Doctor to my disease
9. Like a tall thin girl
10. White innocence
11. Sleeping with the Ddog
12. Gold-tipped boots, black jacket and tie
13. When Jesus Came To Play

Roots to branches
1. Roots To Branches
2. Rare and precious chain
3. Out of the noise
4. This free will
5. Valley
6. Dangerous veils
7. Beside myself
8. Wounded Old And Treacherous
9. At Last Forever
10. Stuck In The August Rain
11. Another Harry's Bar