Predateurs / Hardcover Artbook

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Predateurs / Hardcover Artbook

Art: CD + DVD
Art. Nr.: 42509
Release: 28.04.2017

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Genre: Black Metal

Verpackung: Artbook


2CD+DVD-ROM Artbook (hardcover, 28x28 cm, 48 pages), incl. bonus CD with four songs (live at Prophecy Fest 2016), bonus DVD-ROM incl. four live tracks (Prophecy Fest 2016) as well as English translations of the lyrics, linernotes and additional artwork (500 copies available)

Lyon, France dark dreamweavers Les Discrets return with "Prédateurs", their first full-length album in five years. Ever-evolving, the sound of Les Discrets in 2017 takes a stylistic shift which sees the band's dreamy shoegaze and metallic tinged post-rock turn into dark indie rock with electronic chill while incorporating inspiration from trip-hop and 70's film soundtracks.
"Prédateurs" is a cinematographic, urban album made of steel, concrete, snow and electricity. Easy on the ears, "Prédateurs" accessibility is shaped by interpreting the familiar music and melodies of Les Discrets with new instruments, approach and ambition. Although its shape has changed, the feeling of the music, its atmosphere and its essential core has remained the same.
"I feel that Les Discrets has its own wings now, free of the influences of post-rock, post-black or post-anything constraints," Fursy summarizes. "'Prédateurs' is very dark, but just like older albums, some sparks of hope remain."


1. Prédateurs
2. Virée Nocturne
3. Les Amis De Minuit
4. Vanishing Beauties
5. Fleur Des Murailles
6. Le Reproche
7. Les Jours D'Or
8. Rue Octavio Mey
9. The Scent Of Spring (Moonraker)
10. Lyon - Paris 7h34

Bonus CD:
1. Le Reproche (live)
2. Virée Nocturne (live)
3. Fleur Des Murailles (live)
4. Rue Octavio Mey (live)

Bonus DVD-ROM:
1. Le Reproche (live)
2. Virée Nocturne (live)
3. Fleur Des Murailles (live)
4. Rue Octavio Mey (live)