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Release: 18.03.2016
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VÖ Datum 18.03.2016
Genre Death Metal
Verpackung Digipak


CD Digipak version - limited to 500 copies worldwide !!

American extreme metal act SURGIKILL, spearheaded by the legendary Stevo from Impetigo release their debut album. "SANGUINARY REVELATIONS" is 10 songs and 35 minutes of pure "BLOOD & GUTS DEATH METAL" in the vein of IMPETIGO, AUTOPSY, INCANTATION, TERRORIZER, etc. As a special bonus, SURGIKILL has recorded the song "PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES", which was the FINAL song that IMPETIGO ever worked on back in the early 90's but never recorded because they broke up in 1993. Stevo wrote the lyrics in 1991 and he finally got to use them for SURGIKILL, and now after 2 decades you can finally hear this legendary HORROR DEATH METAL song!



1. Sanguiniac

2. Murderous Thirst

3. Relentless Revenge

4. Psychopathic Awakenings

5. Black Angel Assassin

6. Devil Haunted Dreams

7. Realm Of The Resurrected

8. Alchemy Death Queen

9. The Bleeder

10. Planet Of The Vampires