Some Kind Of Monster 10th Anniversary Edition BLU-RAY + DVD

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Release: 12.12.2014
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Genre Thrash Metal
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Some Kind of Monster is a 2004 documentary film featuring the American thrash metal band Metallica. The film shows many studio rehearsals and fragments of concert footage.


1-1 Some Kind Of Monster (Movie)
1-2 This Monster Lives

1-3 Theatrical Trailer
1-4 Concert Trailer

Additional Scenes
2-1 Photo Shoot With Kirk
2-2 Lars With His Newborn Son
2-3 Metallica, Swizz Beatz & Ja Rule
2-4 Lars And Kirk Webchat
2-5 Management Discusses Metallica's Future
2-6 Should The Filming Continue?
2-7 James Talks About Growing Up
2-8 Surprise Gig At Kimo's
2-9 Metallica Honors Aerosmith At MTV's Icon
2-10 Take The Metalheads Bowling
2-11 Bass Lines For "My World"
2-12 More Work On "My World"
2-13 Kirk's Birthday
2-14 Tough Riff
2-15 "All Within My Hands" Vocals
2-16 Castor Doesn't Want Headphones
2-17 Bob Is Bitter
2-18 Lars Stews In His Anger
2-19 Lars And James Have Made Progress
2-20 Kirk Goes To Traffic School
2-21 New Artwork
2-22 Album Packaging
2-23 Hammering It Out
2-24 Sounds Good
2-25 Rob Goes Snowboarding
2-26 Kirk's Father-In-Law Plays With Rob
2-27 A Lot Of Work To Be Done
2-28 "Frantic" At The Fillmore

Festivals & Premieres
2-29 Sundance Q & A
2-30 Sundance Press Conference
2-31 San Francisco International Film Festival
2-32 New York Premiere
2-33 Metallica Club Screening

Additional Scenes II: This Monster Lives
2-34 Predictions About The Album
2-35 Being Original
2-36 Lars And Dave Mustaine, Alternate Cut
2-37 "F$%@! Meeting" Extension
2-38 Raiders Tailgate Show
2-39 Raiders Fallout
2-40 The New Face Of Metal?
2-41 Touring Confusion
2-42 Dee Dee's Legacy
2-43 Talking About Bass Players With Pepper
2-44 Rob's First Interview
2-45 Lars Visits His Childhood Home
2-46 The Oslo Interviews

Music Video
2-47 Some Kind Of Monster