Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg / 3-LP Box

Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg / 3-LP Box

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Release: 23.09.2016

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Genre: Heavy Metal

Farbe: Schwarz

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Black, Orange and White Vinyl.

They break the rules, reinvent themselves with every album and are considered to be Gothenburg’s brightest metal pearl - since the early 90’s, IN FLAMES have delivered a spectacular band progression which has seen them transform their sound from classic Melodic Death Metal to their current modern and unique style. The Swedes never cease to challenge their artistic boundaries, and on September 23rd, the band will be releasing an impressive demonstration of their current live expertise on DVD - “Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg”.

Nostalgia or a return to their roots has never been an option for the progressive IN FLAMES, but the setlist of this bombastic concert DVD tears through the band’s entire history. With 20 tracks, the show that was recorded at Gothenburg’s Scandinavium, reaches a length of one and a half hours, and achieves in capturing the band at their very best, celebrating current hits such as ‘Through Oblivion’, ‘With Eyes Wide
Open‘ or ‘Rusted Nail‘ to a packed out arena. But of course, old school classics such as ‘Trigger‘, ‘Cloud Connected‘ or the hypnotic finisher ‘Take This Life‘ are not left out.
Prepare for an intensive and visually explosive performance in front of 10,000 fans featuring pyros, circle pits, flying crowdsurfers and IN FLAMES’ incomparable riffs.
“This DVD is for everyone who was been following our career; we have songs from the early years, the middle years and the new era. It has to be fun for us to play but also fun for the audience to watch and we try to get a good flow with nice dynamics and different songs,” states axemaster Björn Gelotte.



Side A

01. In Plain View

02. Everything’s Gone

03. Fear Is The Weakness

04. Trigger

Side B

01. Resin

02. Where The Dead Ships Dwell

03. With Eyes Wide Open

04. Paralyzed

Side C

01. Through Oblivion

02. Ropes

03. Delight And Angers

04. Cloud Connected

Side D

01. Only For The Weak

02. The Chosen Pessimist

Side E

01. The Quiet Place

02. When The World Explodes

03. Rusted Nail

Side F

01. The Mirror’s Truth

02. Deliver Us

03. Take This Life