The Essential Joe Satriani / 2-CD

The Essential Joe Satriani / 2-CD

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Release: 22.07.2011

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Genre: Hardrock

Verpackung: Jewelcase


What inspires the songs and blazing riffs of one of rock's most jaw-dropping guitarists? Satriani himself tells you in the liner notes as you hear Surfing with the Alien; Satch Boogie; Rubina; Summer Song; Always with Me, Always with You; Flying in a Blue Dream; The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing; Cool #9; Crystal Planet; Starry Night; Mind Storm; Super Colossal; Revelation; Andalusia; Friends; Why; Ghosts 30 tracks from 13 albums (1986-2008)!


Disc One
1) Not Of This Earth
2) Rubina
3) Surfing With The Alien
4) Satch Boogie
5) Always With Me, Always With You
6) The Crush Of Love
7) Flying In A Blue Dream
8) The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
9) I Believe
10) Friends
11) Summer Song
12) Why
13) Time Machine
14) Cool #9
15) S.M.F.

Disc Two
1) Ceremony
2) Crystal Planet
3) Raspberry Jam Delta-V
4) Borg Sex
5) Until We Say Goodbye
6) Clouds Race Across The Sky
7) Starry Night
8) Mind Storm
9) If I Could Fly
10) Is There Love In Space?
11) Super Colossal
12) One Robot's Dream
13) Revelation
14) Andalusia
15) Ghosts