Sumerian Cry - Digipack CD

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Sumerian Cry - Digipack CD

Art: CD
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Release: 16.09.2016

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Genre: Death Metal

"Sumerian Cry" is the debut album by Swedish gothic metal veterans TIAMAT, originally released in 1990 and now finally made available again by Dissonance Productions.

01. Intro - Sumerian Cry (pt.1)
02. In The Shrines Of The Kingly Dead
03. The Malicious Paradise
04. Necrophagous Shadows
05. Apotheosis Of Morbidity
06. Nocturnal Funeral
07. Altar Flame
08. Evilized
09. Where The Serpents Ever Dwell / Outro - Sumerian Cry (pt.2)
10. The Sign Of The Pentagram