Union Of Flesh And Machine CD

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Genre Death Metal


The kings of Norwegian death-metal, BLOOD RED THRONE have been unleashing hell on earth since 1998. The band was formed by Daniel «DØD» Olaisen (formerly of Satyricon) and Terje «Tchort» Schei (formerly of Emperor) back in 1998. During the last 18 years the band has recorded 7 albums with great critics, toured internationally in headliner and co-headliner spots, and also ripped apart most of the greatest metal festivals on the planet. The band saw a major member-change in 2011 and a new extreme energy to their name.

Hungry as hell, founder «DØD» gathered Ole Bent Madsen (bass), Ivan «Meathook» Gujic (guitar), Freddy Bolsø (original drummer) and Yngve «BOLT» Christiansen (vocals) to bring forward this Norwegian death-metal institution. Together they have brought Blood Red Throne to a new level of crazy precision in their 18th year, and interest for the band has never been greater.

On July 15th 2016 Blood Red Throne will release «Union of Flesh and Machine», their eight studio album, and follow up to the success of «BLOOD RED THRONE» of 2013.



1. Revocation Of Humankind

2. Proselyte Virus

3. Patriotic Hatred

4. Homicidal Ecstacy

5. Martyrized

6. Union Of Flesh And Machine

7. Legacy Of Greed

8. Exposed Mutation

9. Primal Recoil

10. Leather Rebel

11. Mary Whispers Of Death