Upon Haunted Battlefields ROTES 2- Vinyl

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Release: 24.09.2010
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VÖ Datum 24.09.2010
Genre Heavy Metal
Farbe Rot
Edition Limited Edition
Verpackung Gatefold Cover
Anzahl 2


Ltd to 100 Gatefold Copies on red Vinyl

with 2 Bonus Tracks. Epic Symphonic Metal The band was founded 2002 and ever since there has been only one way for them and that?s up! Moving fast and knowing exactly what they want! They managed to be one of the Top 10 at a band contest which was held in Helsinki called "Ääni ja Vimma" and reached the finals out of 200 participating competitors. Afterwards they released a 3-track EP as well as another one named "Morning Lake" which became a huge success in Japan. In 2008 the band really took off to a higher level. Singer Markku Kuikka joined the band and from there on THAUROROD could finally focus on their songwriting and develop musically. "Epic symphonic metal" as the band brand themselves! Founding member and leader of the band Emil Pohjalainen has been a guitar hero in early age already and improved his guitar playing ever since. His shredding and riffing is beyond anything you?ve heard and without any doubt one of the biggest THAUROROD trademarks! Musically influenced by big names such as SONATA ARCTICA, STRATOVARIOUS or DRAGONFORCE, the band never loses their own momentum and style but to play also on a very high level technically. Tremendous keyboard melodies melt together with Kuikka?s beautiful voice; amazing riffs and insanely good shredding plus godly melody lines let THAUROROD become the hottest newcomer in a long long time - they are the new shining star in power metal, that?s for sure!


01. Warrior´s Heart
02. Cursed In The Past
03. Shadows And Rain
04. Morning Lake
05. Scion Of Stars
06. Guide For The Blind
07. Upon Haunted Battlefields
08. Tales Of The End
09. Black Waters (Prologue) (Bonus Track)
10. Into The Realms Of Hidden Me (Bonus Track)
11. Elämän Tuli (Bonus Track)