Voliminal: Inside the Nine 2-DVD

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Genre Heavy Metal
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Voliminal: Inside the Nine is the third video album by American metal band Slipknot.

The 2-disc DVD set features an 84-minute movie created by band member Shawn "Clown" Crahan. The set also includes live performances, music videos from songs on the band's third studio album, Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses), and the first unmasked interviews with all of the band members. The movie featured footage recorded from the recording of Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) through the end of the tour in support of the album spanning a total of 28 months.



The first disc of Voliminal: Inside The Nine is an 84-minute movie constructed of a mixture of live performance, backstage and studio footage.The film was shot on handheld digital cameras and features rapid edits between footage which follows no chronological order. Throughout the movie there are also ten "rabbit holes", nine of which feature additional footage for each band member respectively.


The second disc includes interviews with all nine members of the band which are the first formal interviews of Slipknot to be released without their masks, excluding members appearances outside of Slipknot.


The Concert:

"(sic)" (The Eurockeenes Festival 2004)

"The Blister Exists" (WFF 2004)

"Eyeless" (WFF 2004)

"Vermilion" (TMF Awards 2004)

"Duality" (Summer Sonic 2005)

"The Heretic Anthem" (Summer Sonic 2005)

"Pulse of the Maggots" (Summer Sonic 2005)

"Before I Forget" (Summer Sonic 2005)

"People = Shit" (Summer Sonic 2005)


Music videos:



"Vermilion Pt. 2"

"Before I Forget"

"The Nameless"