With Devils Amongst Us All - CD

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Release: 04.05.2015
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Genre Metalcore


From the Motor City of Detroit came the most savage sound in modern music. Few bands possess as much metallic venom in their guitars while retaining the grit and concrete fury of hardcore/punk in their sounds as WALLS OF JERICHO. The music is propelled by the inhuman roar of Candace Kucsulain, who regardless of her gender is one of the most energetic front people in heavy music to grab a mic. Candace certainly is as tough as her vocals, having sustained a broken nose and gash to her head at recent shows and finishing her sets bloodied and bruised before going to the hospital. This stamina is on full display in the video for the band's song "There Is No I In F--- You!"recorded in Cleveland with producer Ben Schiegel (CHIMAIRA, ZAO, RINGWORM).  WALLS OF JERICHO formed with a different drummer in the late 90's, the group released their debut full-length The Bound Feed The Gagged which was an important early release for fledgling indie Trustkill (Metal Maniacs proclaimed the album more abrasive than a belt sander over broken, bloodcaked skin). The group toured the states non-stop alongside groups such as EARTH CRISIS and IN FLAMES. Between albums Hasty had become a well known producer recording THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and BLOODLINE CALLIGRAPHY among other bands as well as opening a thriving recording studio in Detroit. Ruby had also emerged as a well known tattoo artist, becoming acclaimed for straight edge tattoos (Ruby also does the artwork for the new album).



01. Trigger Full Of Promises
02. I Know Hollywood And You Ain't It
03. And Hope To Die
04. Plastic
05. Try Fail Repeat
06. The Haunted
07. And The Dead Walk Again
08. Another Day, Another Idiot
09. No Saving Me
10. Welcome Home
11. With Devils Amongst Us All