Anthronomicon - CLEAR BLACK Ink-Spot Vinyl

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Release: 17.02.2023
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Release Date Feb 17, 2023
Genre Black Metal, Death Metal, Tech Death
Color Clear
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Over the course of their first two albums, "Cosmovore" and "Providence", Ulthar carved out a unique niche in the spectrum of underground metal by forging a grotesquely elegant blend of technical death metal alchemy and the piercing ice winds of black metal. Nearly 3 years after "Providence", a burst of lethal creativity has resulted in TWO new albums, now released simultaneously.

"Anthronomicon" embodies the continued evolution of Ulthar's mastery of their art. From the opening blasts and twisted madness of "Cephalopohre", Ulthar confound with angular, distorted riffs that dip in and out of different dimensional spheres. Each of Anthronomicon's 8 tracks is a fragile piece of a larger puzzle, each in itself a labyrinth that, taken together, makes it possible to traverse this surrealistic enigma.

Each album cover is half of a larger original work created by Ian Miller (Stormkeep, Bolt Thrower, Games Workshop) for Ulthar.

FFO: Atrocity, Absu, Enslaved, Gorguts, Demilich, Krallice, Deathspell Omega, Voidceremony, Tomb Mold, Suffering Hour


1. Cephalophore
2. Fractional Fortresses
3. Saccades
4. Flesh Propulsion
5. Astranumeral Octave Chants
6. Coagulation of Forms
7. Larynx Plateau
8. Cultus Quadrivium