God Cries - CD

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Release: 30.12.2022
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Release Date Dec 30, 2022
Genre Death Metal
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


ASPHYX belong to the European death metal bands of the first hour, and with Martin Van Drunen, the band has one of the most charming fromtmen in the death metal field at all.

Even though Van Drunen has not always been part of Asphyx, the band has released great albums even in his absence, including:

Asphyx (1994, with Ron van Pol as vocalist).
God Cries (1996, with Theo Loomans as vocalist)
Embrace the Death (1996, with Theo Loomans as vocalist)
On the Wings of Inferno (2000, with Wannes Gubbels from PENTACLE as vocalist)

So these CDs will be released via Vic Records in winter 2022/23 as CD reissues.


1. God Cries
2. It Awaits
3. My Beloved Enemy
4. Died Yesterday
5. Cut-Throat Urges
6. Slaughtered in Sodom
7. Frozen Soul
8. Fear My Greed
9. The Blood I Spilled