At The End Of Times - CD

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Release: 08.09.2017
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Release Date Sep 8, 2017
Genre Death Metal
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


Sixth studio album by Austrian Thrash/Death Monsters Darkfall! Started out in 1995 Darkfall took consequent steps on their road to a unique and specific sound. With "At the End of Times" they present their finest output so far, containing all the ingredients to make you headbang and mosh! Buy or die!


1. Ride Through The Sky
2. The Breed Of Death
3. The Way Of Victory
4. Deathcult Debauchery
5. Ashes Of Dead Gods
6. Your God Is Dead
7. Blutgott
8. Welcome The Day You Die
9. Ash Nazg - One Ring
10. Land Of No Return MMXVII