Best Of - Eve Of The Apocalypse - WHITE LP

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Release: 28.02.2020
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Release Date Feb 28, 2020
Genre Death Metal
Color White
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Number 1


"No one can destroy this MALEVOLENT CREATION" is a legendary line by the US-metal-heroes Malevolent Creation. They established themselves within the underground scene in the late 80's when fellow American acts such as Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Morbid Angel, and many others started future careers through a network of tape traders, xeroxed cut and paste fanzines and a steadily growing global following, hungry for metal that broke boundaries and plunged headlong into the macabre and extreme. This strictly limited vinyl record in white wax is a collection of studio- and live-recordings from the early arctic years and features the killer songs Blood Brothers, Kill Zone, Infernal Desire and many more.


1. Rebirth Of Terror
2. Living In Fear
3. Impaled Existence
4. Premature Burial
5. Infernal Desire
6. Blood Brothers
7. Kill Zone
8. Deliver My Enemy
9. Alliance Of War