Black Earth - 2-CD

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Release: 11.10.2013
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Release Date Oct 11, 2013
Genre Melodic Death Metal
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


Black Earth is the debut album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy.

The Re-Issue includes  "Losing Faith", two Iron Maiden covers and the video for "Bury Me an Angel".

CD2 is a live CD recorded in Japan 1997


Disc 1
1. Bury Me An Angel
2. Dark Insanity
3. Eureka
4. Idolatress
5. Cosmic Retribution
6. Demoniality
7. Transmigration Macabre
8. Time Capsule
9. Fields Of Desolation
10. Losing Faith
11. The Ides Of March
12. Aces High

Disc 2
1. Dark Insanity (Live From Japan/1997)
2. Transmigration Macabre (Live From Japan/1997)
3. Idolatress (Live From Japan/1997)
4. Cosmic Retribution (Live From Japan/1997)
5. Eureka (Live From Japan/1997)
6. Drum Solo / Losing Faith (Live From Japan/1997)
7. Fields Of Desolation (Live From Japan/1997)
8. Bury Me An Angel (Live From Japan/1997)
9. Aces High (Live From Japan/1997)