Coffin Up The Nails - Vinyl

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Release: 15.10.2021
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Release Date Oct 15, 2021
Genre Death Metal, Grindcore
Color Black
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging tba
Number 1


Compilation featuring 12 tracks of of covers, alternate versions, demo tracks and so on, many of which were not easily accessible or even heard before. As a holdover of sorts until our new album arrives in 2022, this release is intended to bookend another decade of adventures and mishaps.


1. When Glory Beckons (Bolt Thrower cover)
2. Zombie Prescription (Snapcase cover)
3. Man of Your Dreams (M.O.D. cover)
4. I Disavow (7" version 2020 remix)
5. Wasting Away (7" version 2020 remix) (Nailbomb cover)
6. Primitive Future (2020 remix) (Sepultura cover)
7. Siberian (2018 remix)
8. Thieves of the New World Order (Ministry cover)
9. Ghosts of Catalonia (demo version)
10. Thrown into the Sun (demo version)
11. Traitors (demo version)
12. Conquistadores (Alternative mix)