Confidimus In Morte / SPLATTER Vinyl

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Release: 12.04.2019
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Release Date Apr 12, 2019
Genre Deathcore
Color Splattered
Packaging Single Cover
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Vinyl in Single Cover

The Machinist - New York, New York. Born of the hate and grit of NYC, this tough-talking, ferocious foursome is breaking all the rules with middle fingers flying.

Their first full length album is 2019's Confidimus in Morte , released via Prosthetic Records.

The album title turns America's monetary slogan on its head, placing our trust not in God, but in the one true certainty of life: Death.

Since the band's inception in 2012, this brain child has always embraced all aspects of extreme music.

The Machinist's 2016 self-titled album teetered more along the lines of groovy and melodic deathcore, however, the band has come a long way in terms of maturity.

It is challenging for a band to really find and fine tune their sound in time plagued by the monotony of trends.

Creatively, nothing is off limits in the writing process. Being a band of mixed backgrounds, the band has covered many topics which they are passionate about.

Whether it is a song regarding their distaste for systematic racism, the hypocrisy of religious institutions, or sexual injustices such as rape, they all agree that these, and all things, can always be related to death.

So it would be no surprise that they name their album, Confidimus in Morte, loosely translated from Latin to "In Death We Trust".

The song writing on this album speaks for itself. Stepping slightly away from their deathcore roots, this is undoubtedly, and simply put, a metal album.

The memorable vocal and guitar melodies will stay in your head like a top 40 pop song that got a gym membership.

The album is booming from the first track, "The Sound of Shame". An anxiety-ridden rollercoaster, you can hear all of Gjelaj's range in this one song alone.

"No Peace" Insane vocals? Check! Riffs? Check! Solos? Check! Breakdowns? Double check! Choruses that you can sing AND scream along to? Uhhh, duh, and CHECK!


  1. The Sound of Shame
  2. Empire State of Emergency
  3. No Peace
  4. Strength Through Suffering
  5. Predatory
  6. As You Lie
  7. Paradise Lost
  8. Everything Is Nothing
  9. Turn Away