Defekt - BLACK 2-LP Gatefold

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Release: 29.03.2019
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Release Date Mar 29, 2019
Genre Neue Deutsche Härte
Color Black
Edition Re-Issue
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 2


OOMPH! "Defekt" -  BLACK 2-LP in Gatefold Cover

Re-Issue 2019 including Bonus Tracks

The direction OOMPH! chose on Sperm came to a logical conclusion on Defekt (1995): Billboard Magazine clumsily called it „Sepultura meets DAF“, but it was actually a fascinating and hefty caleidoscope of crossover sounds. The third OOMPH! album is filled to the brim with riff-laden industrial monsters such as ‘Hate Sweet Hate‘, infectious single ‘Ice-Coffin‘ and ‘Hast du geglaubt‘, and open-minded metal crowds lapped it up just as greedily as electronica lovers. Melodic choruses took turns with impressive growls and painted a pretty good picture of all the things the German band would be capable of in the future.


SIDE A:    
01. Hate Sweet Hate
02. Ice-Coffin
03. Willst Du Hoffnung?
04. Hello My Name Is Cancer
SIDE B:    
01. Zeitweilig Incontinent
02. Hast Du Geglaubt?
03. Come And Kick Me
04. Turn The Knife
SIDE C:    
01. Decubitus Vulgaris
02. Mitten Ins Herz
03. Your Love Is Killing Me
04. Defekt
SIDE D:     
01. Fleisch
02. Asshole
03. A.L.I.V.E.
04  Ice-Coffin (Haujobb Mix)