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Release: 02.06.2017
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Release Date Jun 2, 2017
Genre Folk Metal
Color Gold
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Black Vinyl incl. 3 Bonus Tracks

Tengger Cavalry, meaning “the army of the sky god”, is the vision of Nature G., who started the project in 2010 and has released several independent recordings to date. In 2015 Nature moved from China to New York City assembling a band of like-minded individuals to further his crusade and has since toured North America twice headlining tours playing to thousands in attendance.

Tengger Cavalry blends the nomadic music traditions and warrior spirit of Central Asia with heavy metal, creating their unique Mongolian Folk Metal. Nature performs multiple Mongolian nomadic instruments including the Morin Khuur, an ancient fiddle, and others native to the region. He sings using the ancient Mongolian tradition of Khoomei, also known as throat singing. Tengger Cavalry has become known as one of the most unique, innovative and exciting bands connecting with fans all over the world.

Having sold out Carnegie Hall in a legendary performance and featured in Billboard, CNN, Vice, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, as well as in Europe with features and reviews in Terrorizer, Metal Hammer, Legacy, Deaf Forever, Metalized, Rock Tribune, among countless others, the band is ready to take on the world with their latest and most encompassing album, Die on My Ride. Armed with 14 new songs, including the already popular single “A Blade of Time” as a bonus track, Tengger Cavalry will begin their third US headlining tour in May and June to set-up and promote the album, in addition to a run of Summer European festivals including Wacken, Midgardsblot and Ragnard.





1. Snow
2. Die On My Ride
3. Independence Day
4. To The Sky
5. Prayer
6. Strike
7. Ashley
8. Cursed
9. The Frontline
10. The Choice of My Mind
11. Me Against Me
12. We Will Survive (Bonus track)
13. Burn (Bonus track)
14. A Blade of Time (Bonus track)