Dominion Of Steel - Black Vinyl

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Dominion Of Steel - Black Vinyl

Art: LP
Art. Nr.: 60900
Release: 03.04.2020

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Genre: Heavy Metal

Color: Black

Packaging: tba


The history of True Metal will have to be rewritten, because the debut album "Dominion Of Steel" by the Finnish Heavy "Fucking" Metal band STRIDER puts everything that has been done so far in the shade.

From the first second on you can feel the full "Spirit Of Strider". Music only for men who know how to appreciate Metal!

Fighting for Steel for the Steel !! Check out the video clip for "We Are Strider"



1. Strike of the Strider
2. Break the Chains
3. Throne of Metal
4. We Are Strider
5. Ballad of the Baltic Sea
6. The Elite of Steel
7. Let Your Blade Shine
8. Stride, Stride, Stride
9. Dominion of Steel
10. Prevail and Conquer