Drachenblut - BLUE Vinyl

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Release: 17.03.2023
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Release Date Mar 17, 2023
Genre Black Metal
Color Blue
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
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Number 1


"Founded in 1992 in Ludwigshafen, MYSTIC CIRCLE quickly mixed up the underground with their first three demos and established themselves as the biggest national black metal band in 1998 with the concept album "Drachenblut."

After the reunion in 2021 and the successful self-titled come-back album in 2022, the classic "Drachenblut" will be re-released on vinyl in 2023.


1. Ancient Words
2. Notrum – Sword Of Might
3. Dragonslayer
4. King Of Nibelungenhord
5. Isenstein
6. Shadows Over Worms
7. Hagen Von Tronje
8. Blood From The Xanten’s King
9. Rheingold