End Of Paradise - CD

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Release: 30.04.2021
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Release Date Apr 30, 2021
Genre Heavy Metal
Packaging Jewelcase
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After the death of Harald Spengler a.k.a. Lee Tarot (founder and mastermind of STORMWITCH) his longtime bandmates Stefan Kauffmann and Peter Lange founded WITCHBOUND to finish and release the songs they had written together. In 2015 the album "Tarot's Legacy" was released.

2021 now appears the second album of the band, which had to cope in 2019 with the death of Martin "Heavy Martl" Winkler (also formerly STORMWITCH) another blow of fate.


1. Prelude
2. Battle of Kadesh
3. Interstellar Odyssey
4. End of Paradise
5. Carved in Stone
6. Flags Of Freedom
7. Torquemada
8. Nevermore
9. Last Divide
10. Sea of Sorrow
11. Foreign Shores
12. Dance of the Dead
13. These Tears
14. As long as we can rock
15. Our Hope