Enemy Of The Music Business - BLACK Vinyl

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Release: 11.02.2013
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Release Date Feb 11, 2013
Genre Death Metal
Color Black
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
Packaging tba
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One of the founders of grindcore, also contributing heavily to the extreme spectrum of metal and punk. Many consider Repulsion the true founders and legends of grindcore, but this is debatable because technically Napalm Death formed before them.
Originally, on their first few demos, Napalm Death were a peace punk band going under different names such as Political Unrest and Civil Defence, but most of the band names were relating to political/social things. However, they decided to stick with Napalm Death because it was "different" and best described how they felt. The only tracks officially available from this era is "The Crucifixion of Possessions" from the 1984 Crass Records compilation Bullshit Detector Vol 3, and "What is My Country?" and "The Good Book" from the 1982 "Ruptured Gut" tape compilation. After Broadrick joined the band, they began to incorporate extreme metal influences and eventually would evolve into grindcore.


1. Taste The Poison
2. Next On The List
3. Constitutional Hell
4. Vermin
5. Volume Of Neglect
6. Thanks For Nothing
7. Can’t Play Won’t Play
8. Blunt Against The Cutting Edge
9. Cure For The Common Complaint
10. Necessary Evil
11. C.S. (Conservative Shithead) Part 2
12. Mechanics Of Deceit
13. (The Public Get) What The Public Doesn’t Want
14. Fracture In The Equation
15. Politicians 
16. Incinerator 
17. Demonic Possession 
18. Maggots In Your Coffin 
19. Back From The Dead 
20. Nazi Punks Fuck Off